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Ambo Spiralflex
Novel type of lightweight tear-resistant fletching vane made from polyester stamps – film thickness 75 µm.
The special feature of the AMBO Spiralflex is a central slit in the vane base. This allows the two halves of the base to be bent outwards to either side so that the vane — despite being fletched on straight — assumes a helical propeller shape due to torsional stressing of the material. This gives the arrow a high-speed spin, resulting in hitherto unknown flight stability and an unwavering trajectory ... without in any way losing height. Unlike other fletching systems, whose spin — which governs flight stability — can only be increased by enlarging the helical angle, thus automatically intensifying the drag, the AMBO Spiralflex will even gain significantly in height (up to 50 cm at the 90 m distance).
Aerodynamically, this can be explained as follows: the vane does not form any kind of “tail drag“ or “suction tunnel“ and therefore flies as if with in-built propulsion. The arrow virtually “bores“ its way straight to target. The high shaft rotation rate causes faster alignment of the arrow after release, thus improving the grouping capability. In side winds, the drift will be up to one-third less.

45 mm (1 3/4”) and 55 mm (2 3/16”)
(Original size see above)

Black, white, red, yellow, green, light green, blue, light blue, orange.
(See color strip above)

AMBO Spiralflex comes as a complete set in a transparent box containing 50 vanes of one color, 120 double-sided tapes, 40 binding strips, 1 mounting aid, and an instruction leaflet in different languages with detailed illustrations of the fletching procedure